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Comprehensive Behavioral Health

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The growing demand for better mental health and addiction treatment options poses a significant challenge for public sector employers. On one hand, they recognize the invaluable role of effective behavioral healthcare in preserving employee productivity, facilitating effective risk management, and directly contributing to their mission and the well-being of the community they serve. Yet, on the other hand, they grapple with a dilemma: how to provide high-quality treatment that is not only cost-effective but also comprehensive, given the incredibly diverse workforce they oversee, each with varying healthcare coverage that spans a wide spectrum of providers and services.

Enter Scandia Wellness Systems (SWS), offering a solution tailored to meet the unique requirements of personalized behavioral healthcare assistance for public sector employers. SWS was crafted to provide an organization with superior quality, cost-effectiveness, and immediate access to healthcare services. Anchoring this comprehensive approach is our 24/7 case management service, staffed by seasoned behavioral health experts. Complementing this network, we offer employer support resources designed to fortify an organization’s ability to address the healthcare needs of its workforce.

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With Scandia taking the lead, employers can relinquish the daunting task of managing employee behavioral health, entrusting it to the capable hands of specialized professionals. This shift empowers organizations to focus more intently on their core missions while ensuring that their employees receive the highest standard of care.

By integrating high-quality care, cost-effectiveness, and expert management, we empower organizations to continue their vital work, secure in the knowledge that their workforce's well-being is in expert hands. In this symbiotic relationship, Scandia is more than just a solution; it's a testament to our commitment to the welfare of those who serve our communities.


The Employer’s Ideal Solution

We achieve this through a rigorously managed and accredited network of exceptional behavioral health providers. Our streamlined contracting program is designed to align with the multifaceted mandates of municipalities and other public sector entities.

Public sector employees are the heroes on the front lines, diligently serving our communities day in and day out, even during the most challenging times.

The missing link in the rapidly growing demand for
better mental health & addiction treatment options.

A 24/7 Service-Center Based
Case Management and Care Coordination Model

  • Helpline Staffed with Experienced Behavioral Health Professionals 24/7 

  • Immediate Assessment

  • Program Admission or Initial Visit Setup

  • FMLA, Workers Comp, Court Requirements Assistance

  • Licensing and Occupational Board Documentation

  • Ongoing Care Coordination 

  • Family Support

  • Return to Work Documentation and Support

  • Stepdown Care Management

  • Aftercare Planning

  • Outcomes Tracking and Alumni Support

The creation of the Scandia Wellness Systems Network symbolizes our gratitude and our commitment to extending a helping hand to these dedicated professionals and the organizations that employ them.

Our Unique Model Ensures:

Employer Satisfaction

Immediate Access to Care

Accurate Needs Assessment

Cost Reduction

Cost Containment

Improved Quality of Patient Care

Successful Return to Work

Benefits to both Employee and Employer

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