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Comprehensive Behavioral Health

Managed Care Network

Behavioral Health Challenges

The Employer Perspective

Estimated negative impact of Behavioral Health Issues to Total US GDP

9 in 10

HR Managers

have reported

Behavioral Health issues among their top work place challenges since 2017.

- 4 %

Percentage of individuals that  experience a significant Behavioral Health Issue in their lifetime:

25 %

$ 31,000

is the average 

Per Person

cost of one episode of Inpatient Behavioral Health Treatment.

Thinking Man

Behavioral Health needs are a primary driver of workplace issues, lost productivity, and health care costs. They are therefore a high priority for employers but there's often limited time and scarce resources to deal with the demanding challenges.

Common Problems Encountered by Employers 

surprise costs


long wait times

dissatisfied employees

no answers

no communication

follow up care??

missing documentation

no appointments available

The Current Commercial Insurance Model

Crowded Hospital Garden

Employees choose where to go for help with no quality control.

Many employees do not qualify for high quality care providers based on insurance limitations.

Employers receive no feedback and are left wondering if the employee received the care they need and are truly ready to return to work. 

Once the employee returns to work, there is no support provided and unresolved issues are common.

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Wellness Systems is the missing link in the rapidly growing demand for better mental health & addiction treatment options.

24/7 Helpline Offering Confidential & Immediate Access to Care 

Trusted, High-Quality, Scandia Certified Providers 

Quality Assurance Based on Patient Satisfaction & Treatment Outcomes 

This demand poses a significant challenge for public sector employers. With Scandia taking the lead, employers can relinquish the daunting task of managing employee behavioral health, entrusting it to the capable hands of specialized professionals.


This shift empowers organizations to focus more intently on their core missions while ensuring that their employees receive the highest standard of care. 

Comprehensive Case Management and Support Services for Employee and Employer 

Independent Third Party Claims Processing and Auditing 

Professionally Managed Care Ensuring Cost Containment and Efficiency

Full Network Access for All Employees Independent of Current Insurance Elections 

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