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Managed Care Network

Comprehensive Behavioral Health

Scandia Wellness Systems is dedicated to enhancing community well-being through an improved healthcare system. Our mission revolves around promoting collaboration among healthcare providers, maintaining cost control, and remaining at the forefront of innovative healthcare advancements.


To achieve these goals, Scandia certifies providers who wish to be a part of our network with a meticulous

three-phase process.

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This initial step is vital in ensuring that the core principles and standards of Scandia align with the prospective provider. Applications are tailored to accommodate the diverse array of provider types within the Scandia network, recognizing that different healthcare specialties have unique requirements and considerations.


It's important to note that submitting an application is a request, not an offer to contract. Scandia Wellness Systems has set specific criteria and credentialing standards that every participating provider must meet. The adherence to these standards is pivotal in maintaining the quality and integrity of the Scandia network. Applicants can expect a written response from Scandia within 10 business days.




Once an application has undergone review, and the provider is found to meet the Scandia Certified Standards, an Agreement is extended to the provider. This Agreement serves as a comprehensive guide outlining the expectations for both parties: the provider and Scandia Wellness Systems. It's not merely a legal document but a vital framework for collaboration. This phase underlines the importance of mutual understanding and transparency.


Key components of this Agreement include adherence to Scandia's standards, support for clinical integration initiatives, compliance with the terms outlined in the Agreement, alignment with SWS policies, offering services at agreed-upon rates, and using designated technology and analytics systems. Additionally, participating providers are expected to engage in quality assurance activities and ensure that their services are delivered in a professional and competent manner. This commitment to quality and consistency is essential in delivering top-notch healthcare to the community Scandia serves.

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The onboarding phase represents the critical final step. During this phase, Scandia requires the sharing of vital information and introductions that facilitate seamless collaboration between the provider and Scandia Wellness Systems. This information sharing encompasses essential details, such as the contact information of the provider's key staff responsible for coordinating admission, clinical care, case management, and medical records facilitation. This data exchange ensures that all parties involved are well-informed, fostering efficient communication and care coordination.

Moreover, professional introductions to key staff members are also a fundamental requirement in this phase. Scandia places a high emphasis on case management services between their clients and the patients receiving services from Scandia providers. These introductions pave the way for a smooth, well-coordinated healthcare experience for patients.

The steps to become a Scandia Certified Provider exemplifies our commitment to high-quality healthcare, collaboration, and innovation. Our goal is to ensure that providers who join our network share our dedication to these principles, ultimately benefiting the well-being of the communities we serve.

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